The gallery is like "Roof" patronizing and protecting the man of art and culture.

Conceptual design project for “POST” art gallery

2019 / Private project

Post’s Art Gallery in the Liberty Avenue opened its doors in August 2013, and today the gallery has become “Roof” for artists who wants to express themselves in a creative space. The city skyline silhouettes that open up through the windows of the gallery give the visitors a sense of uplift, a sense of escape from the daily routine, being above the rest of the world and immersing themselves in creation. The gallery has become close to young, modern, contemporary artists. It looks like a “roof” to guard and protect a man of art and culture.

The “Post” gallery’s “flying” design gives a feeling of lightness. The Role of the roof in the gallery is to give artists the same ease to express themselves, to feel that there is no limit to creation. This project was designed to create a modern and contemporary interior. Colors in the interior – black, white with red accents. The spaces are divided into glass partitions to maintain the integrity of the common space.