Even the smallest details are important creating something exceptional.

Cozy and warm interior on the seaside

2020 /

The development of the project began with acquaintance with a young family settling in Klaipeda. The main task was to create a cozy, warm, and modern home environment. To accomplish this task, we used warm interior colors, natural materials and new home technologies that will make our customers’ lives easier.

Even the smallest details are important when creating something exceptional:

The project includes a smart home system that will make it easier for customers to use home lighting and heating maintenance. The lighting is provided accent with LED strip inserts that give the main premises a modern look. Hanging lamps are selected glass to give a feeling of lightness. The plinth is recessed into the walls in all rooms with hidden LED lighting, which can be adjusted to activate from the motion sensor.

We paid a lot of attention to the ergonomic arrangement of the furniture, we tried to keep the premises unoccupied, but each place would be well thought out by anticipating the purpose of the furniture and the practicality of use.

Interior project finishing

Textures of materials, which are difficult to convey by visualizations, play an important role in interior design. Selected natural wood veneer, solid colour matte details with milling elements, natural fabrics, marble and polished gold accents. These materials give the space a lively, changeable, unglazed character.