Empty space is like a new story waiting to be written. GRAFF Design Studio has created an interior that has become the author of this story.

Modern house surrounded by pine trees

2019 / Private project

The main idea of the interior started from the building site. The building is surrounded by pine forest witch you can see through many glass facades. Therefore, it was decided to use only natural materials allowing the building to blend with the nature. The project has succeeded in implementing modern interior design details. The accent of the house became staircase which were designed from a white concrete structure with stainless steel steps and white marble inside. On the first floor we designed white marble flooring which stands out with exclusive and esthetic modern interior. Spaces are revitalized by grey and white marble combination.

Modern lines dominate everywhere, creating a bright and distinctive style that emphasizes details and provides elegance and cosiness for the interior. The House has chosen aesthetics of Purism, which is becoming more and more prevalent in modern interior design.

Flat surface structural elements are becoming demanding, unobtrusively blended with base-smooth electrical wiring components, as they grow into the wall, giving the interior a new architectural quality. The smart home system in the house is a smart system that combines and controls all electrical home appliances from one location – lighting, microclimate, temperature, blinds, security systems, and multimedia. At the touch of a button, we can control the whole house. There was a lot of attention to the lighting, common spaces, the light of the person in the dark in the skirting, in the walls of the wall, the lights of the miniature forms illuminate, so that there is no bright light. Lighting spaces are assigned individually to meet the needs of common areas, and when there is no need.

This aesthetic professionalism enables us to respond to the tastes and needs of our customers, bringing our personalities closer to the quality of our customer’s life.